I prefer to be in motion.  In the nearly 20 years that I have made my living in the commercial photography business I have always sought to move forward with the times.  I was fortunate to begin my career when digital technology was dramatically advancing, but film was still the dominant medium.  I built my digital skills on a strong, classic frame and I continue building.  

For over 12 years I managed and directed the photography department of a busy auction house.  But, after becoming expert in photographing Fine Art, Architectural Interiors, People, and Products as large as race cars and as small as signatures etched on the workings of fine Swiss watches, it became time to move forward and build my own business.  I bring my skills as a manager of projects and people into the world of freelance. 

As someone who thrives on new challenges, it was inevitable that I would move into the realm of videography.  My compositional and story telling skills are a natural fit in the world of moving pictures.  All of my problem solving skills are thoroughly exercised.  I find the multidimensional aspects of video production energizing and totally engaging.  

I love taking a project from its inception through to its successful conclusion.  So yeah, okay, sometimes I sit in a chair voluntarily, sometimes even for days at a time.  Editing is that final piece of the image making process where I can polish a photograph to perfection and bring the story in moving pictures to life.  Just don’t expect me to stay in that chair for too long.  

Being in motion is where the adventure is.  Whether it's working in the studio, going on location, or hiking a volcanic crater with my camera gear in tow, I'll always prefer to keep moving.  Life is too short to be wasted on being bored.